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One Cloud for a comprehensive set of solutions

My vpStaff

Build a professional team to manage the back office tasks you are not good at doing. Learn more...

Odoo ERP Solutions

Have total control over all your business operations with one system that does everything. Learn more...


Organize incoming calls and build a corporate feel with MyPBX - never miss another call! Learn more...

Mobile App Development

Integrate site operations with Back Office systems to give complete visability of the whole business

Internet Marketing

Learn how a properly planned Internet Marketing strategy can transform your business quickly and cheaply

Website & e-Commerce

Build a website that integrates Odoo ERP with eCommerce, analytics and more. 

Odoo ERP Apps to manage your business operations

Buy, build, sell, track and manage - essential apps at your finger tips

CRM & Sales

Build strong customer relations and drive sales in all your market segments

Purchasing Management

Improve management of material and expense purchasing with two levels authorization control

Billing & Accounting

Bill your customers accurately and timely and track receivables, and process receipts quickly.

Manufacturing Management

Manage, plan, track and schedule all
your manufacturing operations.

Project Management

Plan and manage any type and size of project safely, on time and on budget..

Construction Management

Track budgets and costs, manage, materials, labour, assests and expenses with variance anaysis.

Odoo ERP Apps to manage your people and payroll

helping you to recruit, develop and keep talent

Employee Management

Organize and manage your human capital and gain through strong beneficial relationships.

Expenses Management

Have an overview of your employees expenses
Access an accurate tracking tool


Streamline your Recruitment Process
Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles


Have an overview of your employees expenses
and easily track and report.


Control routine payroll processing, managing deductions and payments seamlessly.

Business Social Network

Start the dialogue and share knowledge
Informations collection made easy

Odoo ERP Apps to run your business online

helping you to seamlessly transition to the online market space

Marketing Management

Reach your target market segments more effectively using a range of campaign tools.

Website Builder

Build stand out professional websites, that is linked to your back office applications.


Sell your goods and services online, seamlessly take payments and manage logistics.


Integrate local retailing to your back office apps easily tracking inventory with great analytics.

Events Management

Create stand-out and attractive event pages
Sell online and organize on site.

Campaign Management

Run regular campaigns with the use of predefined templates, track responses and automating leads.