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We invite you to participate in this survey because you may be able to provide us with insights about the bid process of contracts. Results of this survey will be consolidated and will not be attributed to any specific individuals, so we encourage you to answer openly and honestly. If you have any questions at all (technical or otherwise), please free to contact Mark Hayles at

Working with M/WBEs - Opportunity or Challenge?

As demand for M/WBE services increase from both the public and private sectors, more needs to be understood about the capacity of small minority businesses to effectively scale. This Survey seeks a response from Supplier Diversity Directors and Managers about their experience working with M/WBEs. The responses will feed into the development of a comprehensive strategy that assists M/WBEs to scale.

The Survey is sponsored by Better Local Business Agency and Harlem Commonwealth Council and should take no more than 3 minutes to complete. The responses supplied will be treated confidentially and NO personal information is taken from respondents.

For more information, please contact Alvin Hartley or Mark Hayles on 212 202 0311

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